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Data security and privacy you can rely on.

Gain insight into how we source data, as well as the security standards we follow to ensure compliance and protect customer data.

  • Data Sources

    Learn how ZoomInfo collects – and protects – the vast amount of B2B contact information, company data, and sales intelligence that fuels our database.

  • Data Security

    Delivering best-in-class data to over 30k customers requires a safe and secure platform. ZoomInfo is a SOC II, ISO 27701, and ISO 27001 certified company, maintaining excellence in data privacy and security is our number one priority each and every day.

  • Do Not Call

    You’ve asked us about Do Not Call lists, and we’ve listened. With our expanded DNC screening feature, you can choose to remove any numbers on any supported Do Not Call lists.

  • CCPA Readiness

    Review our Independent CCPA Readiness Validation Findings Letter.

  • GDPR Privacy

    Review our TRUSTe LLC Independent GDPR Privacy Practices Validation Findings Letter.

  • Email Deliverability

    Review the findings of a comprehensive deliverability audit of our email privacy notice program, conducted by Email Industries.

  • Privacy Program Assessment

    Review a recent independent Privacy Program review by Lucid Privacy Group.