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TalentOS offers a continuously enhanced contact database so you can find and connect with candidates.

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Features & Functionality

Actionable Data

Search millions of contacts whose information is updated regularly.

Hit Hiring Goals

Find passive candidates with search filters that include diversity & inclusion.

Stay Organized

Use Projects to manage multiple talent pools while sourcing.

Build Talent Pipeline

Export candidates into Bullhorn, Greenhouse, JobDiva, PCRecruiter and more.

Automate Candidate Emails

Build multi-touch campaigns leveraging email automation and phone calls.

ReachOut Google Chrome Extension

Access TalentOS contact data, search filters, and export capabilities while sourcing on LinkedIn.

More ways to save time and money hiring

Automation and analyze candidate interactions across communication channels including emails, phone outreach, and video calls.

"TalentOS makes me feel like I have the equivalent of a full-funnel.

Before I start a search, I already know ZoomInfo is going to populate a plethora of candidates that are fit for our needs."

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Jen Chelini
Jen Chelini

Executive Search Consultant at Leap Solutions

“ZoomInfo created a platform that allows us to find the talent we need in a user-friendly way.

With ZoomInfo TalentOS, we not only get access to candidates, but also information on their companies, which is critical in the current market. ZoomInfo TalentOS combines different resources into one, so everything is at our fingertips.”

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Kim Laipple
Kim Laipple

Vice President, Recruiting Operations at Scientific Search

"I love the fact that ZoomInfo TalentOS is easy.

It used to take 2 - 3 days, sometimes a week to do our sourcing. And now, we can source a project in 2 days. Start to finish."

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Mary Watkins
Mary Watkins

Director of Talent Acquisition at Baker Growth Specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TalentOS worth the price?

TalentOS has a proven track record of helping our customers reach their most important goal: connecting with talent to fill open recs.

The candidate intelligence and automation available to TalentOS customers powers their candidate outreach strategies and gives them the ability to find the right talent to put into their pipeline. For recruiters who fill open recs and perform business development outreach, TalentOS provides actionable data to find prospective clients and grow a business. 

Need examples? View our case study with Novo Group, a recruitment and coaching & development agency. Novo Group turned to ZoomInfo to help streamline their candidate sourcing and market research efforts. As a result, in the first 4 months of our partnership they added 2,000 candidates into their talent pipeline! 

From enterprise organizations to rapidly growing staffing agencies and SMBs, thousands of customers rely on TalentOS to find, connect, and engage with top talent. 

Let’s hear from Mary Watkins, Director of Talent Acquisition at Baker Growth Specialist, an insurance industry talent search and training & development agency. She said:

“I love the fact that TalentOS is easy. It used to take 2 – 3 days, sometimes a week to do our sourcing. And now, we can source a project in 2 days. Start to finish. 

With TalentOS, we’ve seen our productivity go up. We used to do 50 calls a day. Both our junior recruiters can average 100 – 150 calls a day with Engage (a TalentOS feature).” 

Success stories like the ones above are the reason TalentOS earned a top ranking in Recruiting Automation Software in 2021.

How much does TalentOS cost annually?

TalentOS pricing is based on the following criteria:

• Number of licenses
• Credit usage

The cost of TalentOS is based on the license count for a team in addition to the number of credits needed. For example, a team consisting of members performing sourcing activities at scale would need more credits to export or Engage with all candidates in the pipeline. If credit consumption is more than originally anticipated, customers can purchase additional credits.

How do TalentOS packages work?

TalentOS takes a SaaS-based approach to pricing and packaging that provides us the flexibility to deliver our customers with the depth of talent intelligence that matches their needs.

Packaging is based on the number of licenses our customers require and the desired level of access to data and features.

What are TalentOS credits?

TalentOS credits represent the consumption (export) of candidate profiles from the TalentOS platform. This export can originate from the primary TalentOS platform or the ReachOut Chrome Extension. 

Each export costs one credit, and credits can be added to any package as needs change. Overall TalentOS pricing is based on licenses and credit usage. 

Your TalentOS package will include a predetermined number of monthly credits based on your needs. While each unique package offers a tailored number of credits based on your intended use of TalentOS, all credits function the same way. Whenever your team exports contact information, a credit is consumed. The great news here is that credits are not used whenever a user views a company page or contact profile, only when data is exported.

What is the cost per contact on TalentOS?

TalentOS does not charge by contact. Customers can look up and view as many contact profiles as they wish within the platform. Credit usage occurs only when a user exports a contact from the platform to a CSV file or an ATS integration or Engage.

Does TalentOS allow monthly payments?

TalentOS offers multiple payment options depending on your package and the number of users. Our sales team will work with you on payment frequency and options.

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