ZoomInfo’s VIP Lounge Returns to Forrester

May 6-7, 2024 | 9am–6pm
Central District Brewing | Austin, TX

Located just steps away from the conference center, our VIP Lounge is the perfect place to take a break from the excitement of the show floor, reset, and recharge.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about ZoomInfo Copilot, chat about your current ZoomInfo usage, or just want to grab a coffee and say hello, we invite you to join us at our VIP Lounge. Fill out the form to join the guest list.

More information on where else to find ZoomInfo at Summit below!

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Happy Hour with ZoomInfo

Tuesday, May 7 | 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm CDT
Join us for local craft beer and conversation from 4:00–6:00 pm at Central District Brewing. Just a 5 minute walk from the Austin Convention Center, this happy hour is a must-stop before Tuesday night’s concert.

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DDM Series with Snowflake and G2

Tuesday, May 7 | 7:30 – 9:30am
Central District Brewery (ZoomInfo VIP Lounge)

Join us to discover how the synergy between Snowflake, G2, and ZoomInfo streamlines operations, breaks down data silos, and powers teams with valuable insights for more agile go-to-market strategies, resulting in faster wins.

RSVP now to secure your spot! A member from the Events Team will confirm your registration, and provide any additional information needed.

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B2B Summit Sessions

Monday, May 6 | 3:05 pm – 3:35 pm CDT
How AI Can Turn Intent Into Sales, Faster

AI can be powerful in accelerating pipeline and driving deals, but only with the right data fueling it. Find out why companies struggle to realize the value of AI, and what you can do to avoid those same mistakes.

Learn about how Asana uses ZoomInfo’s powerful platform and AI to accelerate their GTM success. You’ll hear from Asana’s CMO Shannon Duffy on how they’re using ZoomInfo to align their sales and marketing teams, enrich their data to move upmarket, and use automated plays to move prospects from signal to sale faster. We’ll also give you a sneak peak at our AI-powered assistant, ZoomInfo Copilot. We’ll demonstrate how Copilot saved users an average of ten hours a week and made them 60% more productive.

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B2B Summit Sessions

Wednesday, May 8 | 9:40 am – 10:10 am CDT
From Dumpster Fire to Dream Team: AI’s Role in B2B Synergy

As AI has become more mainstream, organizations are realizing that it can easily become a total dumpster fire. But, why? Because it fails without the right data foundation and buying signals (you know, to fuel the robots).

In order to actually grow your business and find your next customer using AI, you need to go beyond your messy CRM data with clean, real-time intent and buyer data. This will get your sales and marketing to work together as an agile team, by going after the same buying signals… that your competitors are likely missing.

To showcase this, we are bringing sales and marketing together in this session! ZoomInfo’s Kayla Prnuier, AVP of Sales, and Calen Holbrooks, VP of Marketing will talk you through how to get AI-ready and alignment bound. We’ll discuss practical and actionable use cases for applying AI to all the buying signals and data available to you.

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Booth #613

May 6–8, 2024
Exhibit Hall | Austin Convention Center

Whether you want to learn more about ZoomInfo, our new AI Copilot, or talk ABM and GTM* strategy all day, we’d love to connect with you. Stop by Booth #613 anytime during the conference or book a 1:1 private meeting.

*Account-Based Marketing and Go-to-Market

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