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Since starting Clum Creative eight years ago, Mike Clum and his team have cycled through a myriad of data intelligence tools (SalesGenie, hunter.io, Data.com), all of which they ultimately found to be unreliable in providing accurate B2B information.

“I don’t even remember how we did sales without ZoomInfo,” Mike said. “It was a mess.”

“Nearly all of our business is sourced from ZoomInfo. It’s our go-to tool. All in all, since bringing on ZoomInfo, we’ve seen a 10x ROI.”

Mike Clum

Founder, Clum Creative


Trying ZoomInfo was a game-changer. “You guys gave me a free trial and that changed my life. I was floored,” Mike said. “Very few times in the business am I like, ‘Wow.’ I was trying to call someone at this major company, and with ZoomInfo, it was just, boom, here’s his extension. Boom, here’s his email. And I thought, ‘This must be a fluke.’ But then I tried another. And then another…”

The Results

Since signing on with ZoomInfo, Mike and his team have been highly impressed with the quality of the data as well as the robust features and tools the platform offers. As a result, their use has continued to grow, which ultimately led to a 104% increase in appointments set and a 60% increase in leads.

Conclusion: ZoomInfo is ‘the only place in the world’ to get reliable contact information.
“At the end of the day, if you’re a B2B company and you have a good product or service, the most important thing you need to do is figure out who your potential customers are and how to contact them, and the only way to contact them is with their contact information.

And literally the only place in the world to actually get accurate, real-life contact information—not just an InMail message which, you know, no one responds to—is ZoomInfo. It is an essential tool for any organization that’s looking to grow.”

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