Say Goodbye to Spray-and-Pray Display Advertising.

Launch targeted display and social advertising campaigns to target audiences at companies showing buying intent, based on your leads’ job title, management level, and department.

Curate high-value audiences

Distribute across native syndication network

Manage creative, copy and campaign spend

Audience-based advertising

Give your campaign the audience it deserves

Historically campaigns were built with unverified, limited data and based on flawed sourcing methodologies or “look-alike” models — resulting in headaches and sunk costs. ZoomInfo puts you back in control.

Curate audiences based on 300+ company attributes and buying signals, including:

  • Ideal accounts and buyers in your targeted market

  • Buyer intent signals, scoops, and technographic data

  • High-value traffic from your corporate website


Demand-side Platform

Put your business on display

Sync demand and distribution with our native Demand-Side platform that pushes your display across major display networks. Set it and forget it controls ensure your campaign is delivered, activated, and continuously optimized to help your achieve more ROI.

Campaign Management

Tackle your strategy from a single source

Dynamic, targeted audiences? Check. Digital reach. We’ve got you covered. But there’s more. Manage creative, audiences, spend — all from one platform.


"Access to ZoomInfo is like having a superpower.

We recently closed 3 opportunities in half the time of our typical sales cycle. Why? Because we got in front of interested buyers before our competitors could."

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Erwin van der Vlist
Erwin van der Vlist

CEO & Founder


Increase in pipeline growth

Get Answers: Audience Targeting FAQs

How can ZoomInfo's dynamic Audiences improve ad targeting?

ZoomInfo’s dynamic Audiences feature improves the accuracy of ad targeting with highly actionable audience intelligence based on over 300 company attributes, buyer intent data, and company news. 

With ZI Audiences, marketers gain a 360-degree view of prospects and have the flexibility to deploy targeted ad campaigns across a variety of digital channels. 

Once you set up your target audience criteria, prospect lists are automatically updated to include accounts and leads that match your search. ZI Audiences also features detailed lead filtering to ensure that your ads are only viewed by their intended targets.

Learn more about ZoomInfo’s advanced audience targeting.

What is an example of a target audience?

A target audience is a set of potential customers who are most likely to purchase your product or service.

Modern audience targeting platforms enable advertisers to identify and reach prospects based on specific criteria, such as age, income, and location.

ZoomInfo’s dynamic Audiences targeting solution offers B2B-focused search criteria, including firmographics, technographics, org charts, company news, and buyer signals. This in-depth data is used to find new target audiences.

Learn how ZoomInfo can help you target ads to ideal prospects.

What are ad targeting strategies?

Advertisers use ad targeting strategies to identify and reach their best potential audience. The objective of ad targeting is to maximize return on digital advertising investment.

ZoomInfo’s dynamic Audiences ad targeting solution helps advertisers deploy highly accurate ad strategies to reach key decision-makers. 

Dynamic Audiences help marketers get accurate contact information on their desired audience, remove undesired contacts, and use intent data to deliver relevant content to convert targets into customers.

Check out these tips on how to improve digital ROI with data-driven audience targeting.

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