Set Your Go-to-Market Strategy in Motion.

ZoomInfo’s sales workflow software automates sales & marketing activities based on your target market’s buying signals.

Act fast on key market signals

Boost productivity, consistency, and scalability

Integrate with the tools you already use

Less process mess. More data-driven flow.

Act fast on target market changes

Launch personalized outreach to capture net-new leads and targeted accounts based on your website traffic and prospects’ buying signals — from company funding updates and hiring surges to technology installations and competitor non-renewals.

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Capture accounts that best-fit your business

Identify and take action on the contacts and companies you wish to target by cross-referencing signals against your ideal customer profile (ICP) using firmographics, technographics, and advanced company attributes.

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Make your favorite tools work smarter

See what your CRM and engagement and automation platforms can do with the cleanest, most comprehensive data powering your sales cycles and marketing campaigns.

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In just one month, Safety Services increased MQLs by 200% with ZoomInfo Workflows.

The time savings with Workflows has been incredible. It has allowed me to step out of the day-to-day, tactical tasks and spend more time on strategy.

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David Carter
David Carter

Vice President of Marketing


increase in MQLs in 1st month

Get answers to your Sales Workflow questions.

What is a sales workflow?

A sales workflow is the process that sales teams follow to move prospects through the sales funnel.

Sales leaders use workflow management software like CRM to manage their team’s sales stages, track reps’ activities, and close deals. 

The challenge for modern sales teams is time spent on manual tasks. Reps waste time searching for phone numbers and email addresses versus making calls. 

With automated sales workflows, reps get on the phone, book meetings, and pull deals over the line faster.

Get your reps selling! Learn about the value of sales automation in Next-Gen Sales Execs Demand Automation.

What is a CRM workflow?

A CRM workflow is a process within sales workflow management software that allows you to track a sales cycle, automate manual tasks, and keep your deal moving through the sales funnel. 

Without CRM workflow management, modern sales teams — from SMBs to enterprises — struggle to manage sales activities. 

Inbound leads “die on the vine” before reps make contact and follow-ups fall through the cracks on valuable deals. 

With the help of CRM sales workflows, your reps and managers can take instant action on new leads and convert them into customers.

Of course, your CRM requires quality data to ensure reps reach the right contacts and companies at the right time.

Learn about the power of foundational data and why it’s essential for your sales success in 4 Data Pillars for a Modern Sales Automation Workflow.

What are the steps in the sales management process?

Steps in the sales management process include reaching out to prospects, qualifying leads, validating your product’s benefits, handling objections, finalizing your proposal, and closing the deal. 

Businesses implement these sales processes to manage complex sales cycles and keep deals moving through the pipeline.

Modern sales teams lean on sales management software to guide their sales steps. A cloud-based CRM is a popular tool that reps and sales managers use to organize their outreach and track deals.

That said, your CRM is only as good as your data. Old and incomplete data creates cracks in your sales tech stack, disrupting your sales process and revenue potential.

Quality data is critical for getting the results you need from your sales management process.  

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