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Thor Sanderson

Senior Manager of Sales Technology Enablement, Smartsheet

Without ZoomInfo, it would be extremely difficult — if not impossible — to achieve our business objectives. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to understand the market, have the right contact data, and make meaningful connections.

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Kevin Kost

Director of Customer Success - Business Development, CodeSecure

Zoominfo’s automated contact exports have been a huge value add to our outbound efforts. Our market is very competitive, and the ability to get out in front of buying signals allows us to meet buyers where they are at instead of playing catch up.

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David Gojo

Head of Sales Data Science, Snowflake

I give a lot of credit to the data services team at ZoomInfo. They’ve done really a great job working with us to get us what we need.

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Chris Slauter

Senior Specialist of Corporate Prospect Research at Phoenix Children's Foundation

With ZoomInfo Scoops, we connected with a prospect who’d been waiting to work with us. We even set up a discovery meeting within a week, which usually takes months!

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Nadia Davis

Senior Director, Revenue Marketing & Marketing Operations at PayIt

The ability to mass-update account ownership in the ZoomInfo platform, because we hadn’t built out territory assignments in Salesforce, was a game-changer. It took mere seconds to reassign accounts from one sales rep to another, which was crucial since our territories were constantly changing.

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Kristen Stringer

Vice President of Sales at ADP

ZoomInfo is one of the first things I open up in the background at the beginning of my workday. It’s a fantastic tool that enabled my team and me to quickly identify prospects and related competitors, company insights, etc.

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Jim Edwards

Senior Account Executive at Softura

ZoomInfo is simply amazing. It offers a lot of filters that help you to do prospecting effectively. We can also save our searches and have an update on a weekly/daily basis regarding the changes.

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Ashley Stoltz

Supply Chain Solutions Consultant at Ryder

Engage is our new secret weapon and we continue to be impressed by its functionality and ease of use. Just “set it and forget it”… until the responses start rolling in from all the outreach you’re now doing without lifting a finger. It is honestly magical technology and we are so grateful to use it.

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Michael Teller

Director, Strategic Business Development at XPO Logistics

ZoomInfo is solving the toughest part of sales which is finding decision makers. This creates more productivity out of me because I no longer have to search for whom to call, I just call them.

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Spencer Pope

Senior Account Executive at MicroMain

ZI Engage is solving the problem of founding of who and how to contact people to drive revenue for my company. It’s been a complete game changer and I’d never work without it again.

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Abhinav Bhan

Regional Sales Head at Tata TCS

It is helping me prospect better, qualify my prospects, get greater visibility into the prospect organization structure, improve my performance significantly in terms of my outreach.

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Torrey Martin

Sales & Business Development Manager at L4B Software

Simple to use, and is a must-have for the modern tech stack. We use ZI everyday at my current organization where I lead sales development, and I’ve never been at an org that didn’t use it.

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Nicholas Young

Account Executive at Clyde

Not only contacts, but intent scoring and sourcing technology that enables all pre-sales motions when building account plans, blueprints and GTM strategies for sales people in all markets and territories.

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Mathew Alexander

SDR at Builder.ai

I love that I can automate salesflows and quickly see all of my tasks. The auto dial feature is really great too. Also, it’s very convenient to be able to set up multiple salesflows with specific steps that can be completed in certain ways (only auto-emailing at certain times of the day, etc.).

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Monica Rosie

Business Development Manager

I am saving SO MUCH TIME! I am at least twice as productive this month, with ZoomInfo Engage, than I was last month without ZoomInfo Engage.  I was surprised to see all of the avenues of engagement that were available. Love the email cadence option!

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Spencer LaClair

Business Development at Xailient Inc.

Extensive info on companies we work with which simplifies my job. Customer support was extremely efficient in resolving login / 2-factor identification issues.

Our team needed to identify both buyer personas as well as the specific market(s) we wanted to introduce our product to. ZoomInfo allowed us to test multiple verticals + multiple buying personas.

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Jared Probst

National Sales Manager at Small Manufacturing

I like the accuracy of their contact information. Having used other providers before, I feel ZoomInfo has the most accurate contact data out there. And providing cell phones to most contacts is a nice touch. I also like the intent data portion of ZoomInfo. I’m always looking for companies that potentially have an enterprise software project, and this section is quite valuable to me.

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Zack Bezrhoudi

Inside Sales

I am really happy with how organized it is. Easy to use, and would recommend to any company. If you are an inside sales, you will want to have this amazing software cuz it s not only gonna get you solid leads, but it will also help you achieve your objective.

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Lucas Bauer

Business Development Representative

ZoomInfo provides great insight, from customer contact information and technology use to business hierarchy and news and updates. ZoomInfo improves my ability to account plan and prospect into new accounts.

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Jason Swasey

Account Manager at RAA Trans

I like several things: it organizes my daily tasks; it keeps me on track; it allows for VoIP voicemails; it helps create an easy work flow; direct phone numbers and emails seem to be mostly accurate; customer service seems to be eager to help me with anything; I like that I can email or phone call directly from the platform.

Increase Our Business

“ZoomInfo is helping us drive awareness for our business., which has had a direct impact on our bottom line. In our first year using ZoomInfo, our average sales cycle length decreased by 33%.”

Andy Linder
Director of Sales at Esusu


Obtain Potential Consumers

Almost unlimited amount of data, no matter what your search parameters are. It has given us thousands of fantastic sales leads that have turned into hundreds of potential new customers.”

Benn Wilcox
Business Development Manager

Reducing Distractions

“I don’t have someone on my team chasing down a contact for 30 minutes; instead we have the information we need in seconds. I estimate our partnership with ZoomInfo has reduced the time my team spends doing data entry from 5 hours a week to 30 minutes a week.”

Kyle Metcalf
President and CRO at Newswire

Getting More Done

ZoomInfo solves the following problems: financial detail review of customers, competitor analysis of accounts, technology utilization at the customer account, and contact information support to be able to reach customers and address Industry 4.0 initiatives faster.

Diana Hamilton
Account Manager

Making Jobs Easier

“With ZoomInfo, we’re finding more of the right people and we’re targeting them with custom messaging, speaking to their exact needs. Our engagement rates are up and we’ve even seen an overall decrease in our sales cycle.”

Abby Orlosky
Director, ABM and Demand Generation at Kronologic

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Farida Qureshi

Lead Generation at iResearch Services

I like that you can find a bulk amount of contacts through this account. It is helpful that there are integrations and also the plug-in. It is great that you can click and copy and paste email addresses.

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Alex David

Division Director

I love the ability to pull lists and integrate with my CRM, also their Intent page is amazing.

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Don Litzenberg

Global Business Development Director

I honestly don’t know how I managed to get results before getting ZoomInfo. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and the customer success team is always willing to help, answering questions and sharing best practices. I want to highlight the Buying Committee feature, a fantastic time-saver whenever I search for new leads. Also, the CRM integration works really well.

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Mimma Altieri

Marketing Operations Specialist at Talentia Software

Best quality database with accurate contact information across all industries and countries, alongwith account based intelligence around which technologies and vendors do companies work with

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Ma. Elena Baldemoro

Lead Gen Admin

ZoomInfo Scoops are the best insights to let you know essential opportunities regarding projects & pain points. Zoominfo Saved and subscribe searches reduce a lot of time when we revisit the same sort of data. Tags are very helpful in order to reduce duplicacy. ZoomInfo Intent let you know signals related to services you provide to judge the buying cycle.

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Nadim Lahoud

Vice President of Growth at Red Sift

We’ve been able to use ZoomInfo in a few ways across the organization. We search and enrich data using the ZoomInfo APIs within our automated data prep, orchestration and routing layer to surface the most relevant accounts and contacts to reps in Salesforce.

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Chuck Swenberg

SVP of Strategy at Red Sift

What we’ve engineered here is something that is much more sophisticated than a traditional lead routing structure. The decision of how we target, married with the data we have, is a fundamental step to determine how to make the best use of the human resources we have in place. Typically, organizations don’t work this way, and we certainly would not have been able to create this without the ZoomInfo API integration.

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Abhisek Pattojoshi

Sr. Manager, Product Strategy at Netenrich, Inc.

The best part is the filters under “Scheduled Enrich” which allows my team to enrich leads and accounts based on specific criteria. It not only cleans and updates the CRM but also ensures only appropriate records are updated.

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Rose Southwell

Sales Operations Specialist at Pacific Energy Concepts

Adding ZoomInfo to our tech stack has drastically improved our internal processes and helped bring a lot more automation to what was once a very manual process.

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Kat Kaufman

Marketing Ops Manager at BrandLive

As a company that is experiencing insane growth, Workflows has played an integral role in automating manual processes and ensuring we aren’t letting anything fall through the cracks. We now have a well-oiled process that boosts productivity and fuels our pipeline.

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Jack Woolman

Director of Sales at Stone Group

We realized very quickly that ZoomInfo was leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The breadth and depth of their database is unparalleled.

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Josh Penzias

Sales Operations Specialist at Reify Health

The pandemic challenge at that time was heightened by data inefficiencies stemming from our existing data vendor. Our bounce rates were higher than ever before, which put our sender score at risk. We needed a way to effectively generate new leads while simultaneously enriching and enhancing data from past and future event lists.