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Explore frequently asked questions about ZoomInfo’s business, including founding details, information on our stock listing, and product pricing.

  • What is ZoomInfo used for?

    ZoomInfo is used by salespeople, marketers, and recruiters to optimize their lead generation efforts by providing them access to a vast business contact database and numerous sales intelligence and prospecting tools.

    The ZoomInfo platform equips sales professionals with tools to help with territory planning, lead scoring, prospecting, targeted outreach, and more. From a marketing perspective, ZoomInfo can help companies understand their ideal customers and target companies who visit their websites in real time. Recruiters can benefit by using the platform’s hyper-specific search query filters to find and reach out to the perfect passive candidate.

    For larger enterprise companies, ZoomInfo offers an API that gives customers access to the ZoomInfo database for enhanced control over the data they receive. Businesses can customize the solutions they need and use them within existing workflows to increase productivity and generate more revenue.

  • Is ZoomInfo worth it?

    Whenever making an investment in a product like ZoomInfo, it’s natural for business leaders and procurement professionals to ask whether or not the cost is worth the value? ZoomInfo has a proven track record of helping our customers reach their most important goal: profitable growth to the bottom line.

    Actionable data and automation available within ZoomInfo unlocks the power of go-to-market efforts with the ability to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the perfect prospect. 

    Need examples? Check out our case study featuring Instapage, a software company that increased year-over-year bookings by 192% after implementing ZoomInfo. Meanwhile, Clum Creative realized a 10x Return On Investment (ROI) with ZoomInfo and achieved a 104% increase in appointments set and a 60% increase in leads. 

    From enterprise organizations to rapidly growing start-ups and SMBs, over 20,000 customers rely on ZoomInfo to identify, connect with, and engage buyers within their Total Addressable Market (TAM). Just ask Managing Director of Deal IQ, Aaron Kotick. After adopting ZoomInfo, his team realized an increase of over 1900% (!) in annual revenue.  “This is how a start-up hyper-accelerates,” Kotick explained. “We went from being a firm no one knew about to working with the largest companies in the world – all because we found them in ZoomInfo.”

    Success stories like the ones above are the reason ZoomInfo earned top rankings in 19 categories in the Fall 2020 reports from G2, a user reviews publication, even garnering a track record of superlative solutions that deliver ease-of-use, results and ROI across all company segments.

  • Is ZoomInfo legal?

    Yes. ZoomInfo only aggregates business-related data, such as work email addresses or the job titles of a company’s employees. Generally speaking, lawmakers view information of this type differently than more sensitive information like browser history, health or financial information, or any other information about a person in a family or household capacity – which ZoomInfo does not collect or share. We also employ an internal team dedicated to proactively monitoring our data and research practices to ensure alignment with all relevant data protection and privacy laws, such as the GDPR and CCPA. If at any point an individual…

  • Who owns ZoomInfo?

    ZoomInfo is a publicly traded company (listed on Nasdaq as “ZI”) — its Initial Public Offering (IPO) took place on June 4, 2020. 

    Henry Schuck is the CEO, having originally founded the company as DiscoverOrg in 2007, along with Kirk Brown. The company operated as DiscoverOrg until February 2019, when it acquired its competitor ZoomInfo, and subsequently rebranded as ZoomInfo.

    Prior to going public, ZoomInfo received private funding from 22C Capital in 2018, TA Associates in 2014, and the Carlyle Group in 2018.

  • Where is ZoomInfo’s headquarters?

    ZoomInfo’s corporate headquarters are located in Vancouver, Washington. The company has additional offices across the United States, including in Waltham, Massachusetts; Bellevue, Washington; Bethesda, Maryland; Conshohocken, Pennsylvania; Grand Rapids, Michigan; San Mateo, California; and Atlanta, Georgia, as well as an international presence in Ra’anana, Israel. Visit the Contact Us page for more information.

  • When did ZoomInfo go public?

    ZoomInfo listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market on June 4, 2020. It was one of the first companies to go public during the COVID-19 pandemic and one of the largest tech company IPOs of the year, as well as one of the largest in the past decade. Its lead underwriters included JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley, while investors included BlackRock, Dragoneer, and Fidelity.

    ZoomInfo trades under the ticker symbol “ZI” (Nasdaq: $ZI). 

    ZoomInfo operates on a calendar year-end, and typically reports its quarterly financial results approximately 4-6 weeks following the close of each quarter.

    For more information on ZoomInfo’s stock price and information for investors, including current SEC filings and upcoming investor events, please visit ZoomInfo’s Investor Relations page.

  • Are Zoom Video and ZoomInfo related?

    While they both use each other’s platforms (90% of Zoom Video’s sales team relies on ZoomInfo), ZoomInfo and Zoom Video Communications are separate companies and are not affiliated in any way. Though “Zoom” is in the name of both companies, ZoomInfo focuses on enabling B2B go-to-market strategy by leveraging AI, and technographic and firmographic data, while Zoom Video focuses on video conferencing technology. 

    ZoomInfo launched its IPO in June 2020 and is listed on the Nasdaq market under the symbol “ZI.” Zoom Video launched its IPO in April 2019 and trades under “ZM.”

  • How much does ZoomInfo cost?

    ZoomInfo pricing is customized per customer based on the data and features they wish to use, as well as the number users they want to give access to.

    Request more information on our Pricing page. A Sales representative will reach out to you to discuss your business’s specific needs.

  • How can I use ZoomInfo for free?

    A free version of ZoomInfo is available through the ZoomInfo Lite package. How does the free version of ZoomInfo work? In exchange for limited access to ZoomInfo at no cost, ZoomInfo Lite users agree to share their business contacts to help ZoomInfo keep its platform updated. Additionally, ZoomInfo continuously keeps a user’s address book of contacts updated with accurate information through the ZoomInfo Lite agreement.

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