Turn Page Views Into Pipeline.

Take action on companies exploring your business website with website visitor identification software.

Identify website visitors you never knew you had

Connect with the buying team's decision makers

Automate activities across channels and technologies

Convert high-quality traffic, even when your business website doesn’t.

Advanced Visitor Identification & Insights

Separate buyers from browsers

Pair your conventional website insights with website visitor tracking software to identify website visitors whose businesses align with your best-fit customers.


Actionable Prospecting Intelligence

Catch and close decision makers

Identify decision makers from the businesses visiting your website.

Get instant access to key stakeholders’ names, job titles, email addresses, and direct phone numbers with visitor identification software that combines behavioral analytics and prospecting data.


Plug-and-play Integrations

Push activities to your channels & tech stack

Take immediate action on website interest with workflows that streamline everything from contact and account creation to sales outreach and digital advertising.


We increased MQLs by 150% and doubled our pipeline!

Not only does WebSights help us to determine which accounts to target and when, it also helps answer important questions like, ‘Is our website converting? What kind of companies do we get traffic from, and how frequently?'

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Ed Cavazos

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Visitor Identification Software FAQs

What is visitor identification software?

Visitor identification software, or B2B website visitor identification software, helps businesses track and identify their website visitors. 

Without it, you gather only limited information about who’s on your website. 

With visitor identification software, you know the companies who visit your site, the pages they visit, and how often. Using B2B intelligence data, you can access the website visitor’s org chart, identify decision makers’ contact information, and reach out to them. 

Ultimately, visitor identification software gives you the information you need to reach out to prospects with a message that fits their buying activity. 

Learn more about how to convert high-quality traffic into marketing leads — even when your business website doesn’t.

How does ZoomInfo know a business’s IP address?

Zoominfo knows a business’s IP address by creating a link between the IP address and website domain. 

Using B2B website visitor identification software, ZoomInfo can identify website visitors who would otherwise remain anonymous.

See the following prospecting scenario that combines B2B website visitor tracking with automated workflows: Identify Prospects Through Website Visitor Insights.

How does B2B visitor identification work when employees are working from home?

B2B website visitor identification works by creating a link between a remote worker’s IP address and their company domain when employees are not working in the office. 

The website visitor tracking software does a reverse IP-address lookup to identify otherwise anonymous website visitors. The visitor tracking tool then matches the IP address to a company. 

Whether a website visitor is working off-site at a Starbucks or from their home office, your website visitor identification software will recognize the visitor as “a company.”

See how ZoomInfo’s website visitor identification software adapted during the pandemic in How ZoomInfo’s B2B IP Lookup Adapts to WFH Environment.

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