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Access a real-time view of your customer in the systems where you work with B2B data enrichment.

Tap into the world’s most trustworthy B2B data source.

Keep your CRM and marketing automation data accurate and up to date

Enrich your CRM and marketing automation platforms at the frequency of your choice with easy-to-configure enrichment workflows.

Get insights into your database health through metrics and embedded reports.

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Curate your perfect multi-vendor recipe

A multi-vendor data strategy needn’t be difficult anymore. Support all your large and niche data needs from third and first party sources needs from 60 vendors through a flexible, rules-based data enrichment recipe selection via an intuitive, codeless interface.

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Trigger advanced data cleanse and data enrichment workflows

Make your data action-ready with standardization, deduplication, normalization, segmentation, transformations, leads-to-accounts mapping, and more through rules-based data orchestration.

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“To find a tool that was able to not only enrich that data, but to dedupe it

that day was a tremendous help to the organization and something that we benefit through everyday.”

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Bryon Main

Chief Operation Officer at Momentum

Get answers: B2B Data Enrichment FAQs

What is data enrichment?

Data enrichment, and B2B data enrichment, is the process of enhancing or appending contact and company information in a business’ database.

Businesses use data enrichment software to ensure data quality within their sales CRM and marketing automation tools (MATs).

Data enrichment software fixes database errors. The technology can enrich contacts by updating inaccurate professional data — from phone numbers and email addresses to job titles and company locations.  

B2B data enrichment also includes lead enrichment which helps your reps identify and pitch decision makers and your demand gen teams convert more leads with less form-fill information. 

Ultimately, data enrichment turns your CRM and MAT platforms into a go-to system of contact and company insight. 

Learn how to use data enrichment to Transform Your CRM From a System of Record to a System of Insight

Why is CRM data enrichment important?

CRM data enrichment is important for your go-to-market success. Without CRM data enrichment, your top B2B sales and marketing teams struggle to hit their necessary targets.

Why? Because your reps and demand gen teams end up using poor-quality data to prospect and qualify leads. 

B2B data enrichment ensures that your CRM data is updated, accurate, and ready for your teams to do their best work. That includes lead enrichment, allowing your teams to qualify leads based on complete lead profiles. 

With CRM data enrichment, you can say goodbye to missing contact fields, duplicate entries, or name misspellings.

Instead, when you enrich contacts in your CRM — both existing and new — your marketing teams convert quality MQLs and your reps close more deals.

Still on the fence about why CRM data enrichment is important? Read more about The Impact of Poor Data Quality.

How does data enrichment work?

Data enrichment works by using software to update and append a B2B database. Businesses often prioritize CRM data enrichment to ensure their sales teams prospect using the most accurate data. 

Without data enrichment software, sales and marketing teams waste time fixing data manually (an almost impossible task due to data volume and the rate at which contact and company information decays). 

Businesses can use application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate B2B data enrichment.

The programmed API eliminates data gaps, updates your CRM data, and decreases manual data management.

Learn more about How to Use Data Enrichment APIs to Manage Customer Data.

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