1900% increase in annual revenue



Fortune 500 companies trust Deal IQ to negotiate significant savings on technology contracts. But when it came to targeting and seizing its own business opportunities, Deal IQ had hit a roadblock.

Because of Deal IQ’s unique solution, the ability to target potential new accounts at the right time – just as they prepare to acquire new technology or close a new deal – was absolutely crucial to success. And the need to engage high-level stakeholders – the true decision makers at these accounts – meant Deal IQ needed reliable, accurate contact data and organization charts.

Wasting hours of productivity to manually identify opportunities, and losing out on countless other possible deals in the process, Deal IQ turned to ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg.

Not only is the data clean, but it features direct dials for extremely senior folks. We now have higherquality meetings with true decision makers.

Aaron Kotick

Managing Director, Deal IQ


To help Deal IQ keep its finger on the pulse of each and every opportunity, ZoomInfo flipped on the switch to deliver the most accurate, in-depth, up-to-date prospecting data in existence, while also supplying its industry-leading suite of powerful search and targeting tools.

“The data is super clean. Literally, we’ve had almost no bounce backs,” says Aaron Kotick, Managing Director at Deal IQ. “And, not only is the data clean, but it features direct dials for extremely senior folks. We now have higher-quality meetings with true decision makers.”

But it’s not just reliable contact data that Deal IQ takes advantage of. With ZoomInfo’s Alerts and Scoops, Deal IQ received automated alerts whenever one of its target accounts submitted an RFP or was performing an abnormal amount of research into a particular solution.

“It felt too good to be true. ZoomInfo alerts us to possible purchases and negotiations, so we always know when it’s time to strike,” says Kotick. “We were able to reach out to companies we’d never even heard of at exactly the right moment, and win their business. We live in ZoomInfo now.”

The Results

Now, ZoomInfo allows Kotick’s team to automatically search for new accounts by dozens of different parameters like company size, relevant contacts, technologies owned, region, industry, and more. The result is that his team saves over 28 hours of productivity each week, which had previously been squandered to manual research.

“My reps’ heavy lifting used to be focused on researching a target and following up in hopes of a response. Now, that’s all automated. They search in ZoomInfo, reach out through ZoomInfo, and go,” says Kotick. “This is how a start-up hyper accelerates. We went from being a firm no one knew about to working with the largest companies in the world – all because we found them in ZoomInfo.”

Today, Deal IQ is delivering its cost-saving solutions to more grateful companies than ever before. Since partnering with ZoomInfo, Deal IQ’s client portfolio has grown by 6x, and its number of C-Suite meetings booked has increased by 8x. Annual revenue is up by more than 1900%, and it has plans for an aggressive European expansion.

“I thank ZoomInfo for large portion of that growth. Without ZoomInfo, we wouldn’t be able to scale at the same rate – that’s without a doubt,” Kotick says. Capturing more opportunities in less time. That’s a better deal. That’s ZoomInfo.

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