5x increase in productivity & 3x increase in demos scheduled



Increase in number of booked demos


Increase in sales productivity


Increase in average company size closed


From lead scoring and routing to incomplete and inaccurate contact information, critical components of Hotel Engine’s sales productivity were plagued by a poor data management strategy. “We had a real data problem. There were too many holes in our database, and we were finding what little information we did have was often outdated or incorrect,” explained Josh Stern, Senior Sales Operations Manager at Hotel Engine.

To help enhance and scale their database initiatives, Hotel Engine turned to ZoomInfo.

We’re making stronger, data driven decisions and being smarter about who we prospect. As a result, my sales reps are crushing their numbers. Bringing on ZoomInfo has been the best decision we’ve made.

Josh Stern

Senior Sales Operations Manager at Hotel Engine


By leveraging ZoomInfo Enrich, Hotel Engine was able to fill in the missing gaps within their database, providing them with a clear picture of the specific criteria that made up their best customers. “Enrich gave us deeper insights and data on the leads, companies and contacts within our CRM so that we could better understand the areas we are most successful,” said Stern.

While Hotel Engine originally turned to ZoomInfo to aid in database hygiene efforts, they soon expanded their use case to help support prospecting efforts for their entire sales organization. “At the time we had been using LinkedIn Sales Navigator as our primary sourcing tool but we found it wasn’t geared towards the types of individuals we were targeting,” explained Stern. “We were really impressed with the results we saw from ZoomInfo’s Enrich solution, so we decided to expand our use case by replacing LinkedIn Sales Navigator with ZoomInfo.”

With ZoomInfo supporting Hotel Engine’s prospecting efforts, the sales team has been able to eliminate tedious manual research and is now spending more time on revenue generating activities. “The depth and breadth of ZoomInfo’s database has enabled us to prospect better accounts and bring in larger deals. In fact, since bringing on ZoomInfo the average company size we’re closing has grown by 2.5x,” explained Stern.

“Additionally, on the sales side, ZoomInfo’s integration with Salesforce, has been huge for us. The ability to create leads with the click of a button has allowed us to streamline processes and save valuable time,” said Stern.

The Results

With ZoomInfo, Hotel Engine has found a comprehensive business intelligence solution that provides their sales team with the information they need to maintain database hygiene, optimize efforts and streamline workflows. “With ZoomInfo we have a single source of truth for all of our sales and marketing activities. Every single lead that we work with has either been sourced from ZoomInfo or enhanced by ZoomInfo’s Enrich solution. We trust the data because we’re seeing the results,” stated Stern.

ZoomInfo has enabled Hotel Engine’s sales team to increase productivity at scale. “Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we’ve seen a 5x increase in sales productivity and our sales reps have increased the number of demos they’re booking by 3x,” stated Stern.

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