UnboundB2B: Data Accuracy Drives Switch from Low-Cost Competitor


UnboundB2B, a leading agency in B2B lead generation and account-based marketing services, expertly blends the latest technology with deep market insights to create a robust revenue pipeline for businesses.

Serving a diverse range of clients, from sprouting startups to established Fortune 500 companies, the company’s mission is centered on enhancing data accuracy and providing tailor-made solutions for businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

Working closely with ZoomInfo led to skyrocketing data accuracy rates, allowing UnboundB2B to dramatically reduce the time spent cleaning and verifying datasets — giving its sales team and its customers more time to close deals, and leaving less-accurate competitors behind for good.

The Journey to Better Client Leads

UnboundB2B’s lead machine is multifaceted, offering customers:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Opt-in communities for top-of-funnel marketing
  • Account intelligence to enrich mid-funnel leads

As CEO Rameshwar Sahu notes, the company’s pay-for-performance model means reliable data is critical for success. That importance is further illustrated by one of UnboundB2B’s core value statements: “Don’t #!&$ the customer. Understand customers’ stated and unstated needs. Make them wildly successful.”

So when UnboundB2B began evaluating additional data providers, the directive was clear: it couldn’t cut corners with quality. “In our industry, a 50% data validity rate is often seen as sufficient. But we set our sights higher this time around,” Sahu says.

UnboundB2B initially tried a three-month trial of a lower-cost data service. It wasn’t long before the data team found out how inaccurate and expensive the data was to clean. 

The sales team was working with an already low 50% data accuracy rate. And out of the remaining live contacts, only about 12% would return a viable phone number. This low quality translated into burdensome research and, even worse, resulted in SDRs wasting as much as 88% of their prospecting efforts. 

For that reason, it only took a week for UnboundB2B’s team to turn back to its own data to run its operations — it couldn’t justify any further investment in this vendor’s product.

“We were betting on ZoomInfo’s data quality to pay off. And it did — spectacularly.”

Rameshwar Sahu

CEO at UnboundB2B

The Turning Point: A Data Partnership

UnboundB2B knew it needed to bridge the data gap in two specific areas: accurate data attributes — including industry, company size, and revenue — to ensure the right accounts were being targeted, and accurate contact records, to fuel consistent connections with the right people.

Because that data is so core to the company’s growth, Sahu knew he had to explore investing in ZoomInfo. 

“Maintaining accuracy in these areas is tough. We see this even with our relatively small dataset of 2-3 million files,” Sahu says. 

The Significance of Data Accuracy

Once they signed on with ZoomInfo, UnboundB2B’s team diligently ran the data through its standard data hygiene process. The numbers they uncovered spoke volumes. 

UnboundB2B’s team found as many as 90% of the 10,000 emails provided by ZoomInfo were accurate, and data attribute accuracy was at least 40% better than other providers’ typical rates. Specifically, UnboundB2B’s testing uncovered 93% valid live contacts and 99% valid employee size listings with ZoomInfo data.

Accuracy rates that high dramatically reduced the amount of time UnboundB2B would spend on manual cleansing and verification — work that is typically handed to research specialists, who get datasets up to the company’s strict standards before that information ever reaches the hands of sales development representatives. 

Now, instead of waiting for research teams to verify details and distill accurate data from a larger pool of records, SDRs can spend more time working with more prospects and customers to drive real, sustainable value, both for UnboundB2B and the clients it serves.

“We were betting on ZoomInfo’s data quality to pay off. And it did — spectacularly,” Sahu says.

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