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Access to the best go-to-market information and insights—and the ability to act on it.

  • Direct business & mobile phone numbers, verified email addresses, Locations & hierarchy data, plus department org charts

  • Intent signals and de-anonymized website visitor information

  • Automated phone and email sequences

  • Integrated VoIP dialer


Access to go-to-market information in real time and automate your go-to-market motions.

  • Automated sales outreach based on real-time market signals

  • Real-time buyer intent data

  • Hundreds of company attributes and department counts

  • The ability to track contacts as they change jobs as they move companies

What's Included

Features & Functionality

Build consistent, repeatable, and automated sales plays that start when prospects signal they’re ready to buy – all from a single platform.


Automate multi-step, multi-channel prospecting campaigns that capture prospect activity so you don’t have to.

Email Templates

Reach prospects quicker with Engage’s pre-built templates. Engage’s native email assistant surfaces insights that help you write stronger emails every time.

Actionable Analytics

Leverage A/B testing and engagement metrics to see which emails and Salesflows perform best. Use our intelligent recommendations engine to find the perfect persona that is most likely to engage with you.


Make outbound calls in quick succession with the auto-dialer. Reduce phone connection time and spend less time repeating yourself by leaving pre-recorded voicemails.

Task & Activity Dashboard

Prioritize your day with an automated, real-time view of your upcoming tasks and most engaged prospects so follow-ups don’t slip through the cracks.

Get premium products for more profitable conversations

Generate and analyze customer interactions across essential communication channels, including your sales calls, email and phone outreach and business website.

“Last year, we finished at 175% of our goal.

Engage simplifies my day and my job. I’m able to focus on operational tasks while Engage does my sales job for me. Last year, we finished at 175% of our goal. In Q1, we’re already 66% ahead of our annual goal."

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Katie Mahon
Katie Mahon

Program Manager, Ascent Risk Management Group


Ahead of annual goals this year

"We saw a 27% increase from lead to opportunity creation.

ZoomInfo gives us deep intelligence to uncover who we should be targeting and when. On top of this, with Engage, our reps can personalize their sales flows and make them their own."

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Michael Cupps
Michael Cupps

Senior Vice President of Marketing


increase in lead to opportunity ratio

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales engagement platform?

Sales engagement platforms automate your sales process so that your sales reps can focus more time on what really matters: connecting with and selling to your prospects and customers. It also ensures that your sales process is streamlined, uniform, and scalable.

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Sales engagement platforms increase sellers’ efficiency by automating phone and email outreach, managing tasks, and tracking activities, which ultimately increases conversions and revenue. Improved efficiency means sellers can spend more time selling and waste less time on administrative tasks.

What is an email automation flow?

Use email flows to automate multi-touch email campaigns or to send emails once prospects set off a configured trigger. Email variables make each email seem personalized, even though your sales engagement platform sends them automatically and at scale.

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Either way, email automation saves time by reducing manual, mundane work so you can focus more time on selling.

Why is a sales dialer useful for sales reps?

Auto-dialers load a list of people that you want to contact, automatically dial their phone number for you, and move on to the next name on the list as soon as you hang up. If you get a voicemail? You can drop a pre-recorded voicemail to reduce connection time and save your voice. Basically, dialers take the manual part out of the cold calling process.

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