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Get customized ZoomInfo data solutions to reach new markets, customers, distributors, partners, and vendors. Connect faster with accurate corporate, contact, and location data and real-time insights.

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Data Solutions & Market Insights for Manufacturing

Win new customers and expand current accounts using ZoomInfo’s unified platform, flexible integrations, accurate data, real-time intent signals, and dedicated customer support.


Expand Your Market

ZoomInfo data, Copilot (AI), and platform features seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, delivering the B2B intelligence teams need to secure existing opportunities and find new possibilities.


Accurate Data

Operate from a single source of accurate data and orchestrate automated outreach built on customer input. Support your teams with the information they need to meet and exceed revenue goals.


Tailored Solutions

We create custom data solutions tailored for your specific business needs, better manufacturing lead generation, and go-to-market success.

Manufacturing + ZoomInfo

Grow your manufacturing business with sales and marketing tools from ZoomInfo. Featuring custom data solutions to find new distributors and vendors, and our intuitive generative AI tool, Copilot that automates your go-to-market motions.

  • Find the Right Contacts

    Find the Right Contacts

    Target the right customers easily with accurate data,  including buying committees and decision-makers. Make the most of your current tech stack with flexible APIs and integrations.

  • New Market Opportunities

    New Market Opportunities

    Find potential partnerships with distributors, vendors, and other manufacturers. Execute targeted GTM motions with intuitive AI, sophisticated search features, and enhanced data management.

  • Custom Data Solutions

    Custom Data Solutions

    Work with our experts to identify market gaps and potential distributors, material providers, vendors, and prospects. Tap into Copilot, our AI assistant, to run targeted searches and tailor messaging.


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G2, the world’s leading business software review platform ranks ZoomInfo #1 in over 28 categories including: Buyer Intent, Marketing Account Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, and Sales Engagement.


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