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Consistently hit your revenue targets with the right data. Grow your market reach, identify new contacts, connect with key decision-makers, and align your sales and marketing teams.

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Mid-Market Solutions

Target Ideal Audiences with Accurate Company Data

ZoomInfo data is continuously updated to confirm your best-fit contacts and market opportunities. Grow your market presence, build trust with targeted audiences, deliver a better customer experience, and close more business with confidence.

  • Premium Prospecting

    Premium Prospecting

    Premium Prospecting

    • Identify new contacts using Advanced Search filters in ZoomInfo Sales. Search by industry, location, or events.
    • Eliminate unnecessary communication, share immediate feedback and sales context from buying signal activity, and campaign reports for targeted accounts.
    • Efficiently access information and insights, expand your sources, enter new markets, and increase your pipeline.
  • Improved Alignment

    Improved Alignment

    • Elevate your outreach with enriched clean data for better customer segmentation and lead acceleration.
    • Uncomplicate data-quality management to increase go-to-market efficiency and decrease the hassle of manual data management through automated cleansing.
    • Route leads to the best-fit reps, optimize lead-to-purchase processes, and accelerate pipeline-to-revenue cycles.
  • Optimized Engagement

    Optimized Engagement

    • Maximize ad spend by prioritizing target accounts. Launch advertising campaigns directly from the ZoomInfo Marketing platform.
    • Create nurture campaigns for prospects that don’t immediately convert.
    • Build future outreach efforts using precise information and accurate contact details.

Salesforce Integrations

Save time when segmenting new accounts

Improve your sales efforts by integrating with Salesforce. Engage warm leads by applying Salesforce CRM filters directly in ZoomInfo Sales to exclude existing accounts. Import lists directly into Salesforce for efficient prospecting.



The Best Platform to Bring Your Products to Market

Easily identify prospective clients with accurate firmographic data and real-time insights. Our high-quality data and cutting-edge software lets your business teams capture customers across channels and turn them into revenue.


Your Business + ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo aligns sales and marketing teams with accurate data to optimize your lead-to-purchase processes. Automate outreach, eliminate manual tasks, and focus on building meaningful relationships with potential customers.


Target Audiences

Build prospecting campaigns with better customer segmentation. Proper segmenting connects sales reps with the right leads at the right time, with actionable data points about targeted accounts.


Find Active Accounts

Create accurate target audiences instead of guessing or using look-alike lists. Get better click-through rates on display campaigns compared to those of LinkedIn-built audiences.


In-Market Score

The In-Market Score feature prioritizes accounts based on engagement activity. When customer intent spikes, a Workflow-triggered message goes to your sellers to contact the engaged account.

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Voted #1 by customers on G2 in multiple categories

G2, the world’s leading business software review platform ranks ZoomInfo #1 in over 28 categories including: Buyer Intent, Market Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, and Lead Capture Software.


Case Studies

Transform your pipeline and achieve sustainable growth

Businesses use ZoomInfo to increase opportunities, find new leads, sustainably grow, and become leaders in their industry.

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