B2B Data Integration — Simplified.

Get unlimited access to premium, ready-to-use B2B company and contact data — delivered by data brick to the system where you work.

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ZoomInto's B2B data integration model.

Think, "New School" Data Management

Speed up your go-to-market motions by switching from complicated B2B data ingestion processes to modern data management.

  • Access ZoomInfo’s contact and company data brick where you work in Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon S3 (or through flat files)

  • Get more mileage out of your data by combining first- and third-party data within your data and analytics engine

  • Share scalable, high-performance go-to-market insights with your revenue teams

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    Data systems that can be integrated with ZoomInfo.

    Experience Personalized B2B Data Delivery

    Partner with ZoomInfo’s Data Services Team for personalized data service that goes beyond B2B data integration and company and contact data brick delivery.

  • Work with a dedicated data delivery manager to ensure you receive the freshest data on a schedule that works best for you

  • Enjoy data-services support for one-on-one onboarding and data integration that’s tailored for your business

  • Get the white-glove help you need — from on-demand pull requests to additional company and contact data access

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    B2B data brick integration workflow.

    Choose ZoomInfo B2B Data Integration for GTM Success

    Prospect your total addressable market — from SMBs to enterprises — with high-performance integrated B2B data built for sales and marketing teams.

  • Create comprehensive account views with accurate ICPs, territory assignments, and detailed accounts maps

  • Insist on reliable B2B data that’s gathered with patented AI, natural language processing, and a human-in-the-loop approach

  • Complete your go-to-market solution with ZoomInfo’s APIs, Data Quality Management plus multi-vendor enrichment

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    “Ingesting ZoomInfo data directly into our systems

    allows us to easily build leads and map hierarchical relationships in a more centralized way to enable reps at-scale.”

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    Rick Collins

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    Increased productivity and time savings through ZoomInfo Data Brick

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