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Comprehensive Data and Insights for Small Businesses

Make the most of your resources, enhance your operational efficiency, identify more business opportunities, and increase revenue growth with ZoomInfo.

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Small Business Solutions

Expanded Insights, Leads, and Opportunities

Gain a competitive edge in target markets with accurate contact and business data. Elevate your daily decision-making from just “who,” to knowing “who and when.” Data-driven insights and customer intent signals optimize your sales and marketing strategies.

  • Extensive Signals

    Extensive Signals

    Extensive Signals

    • Intent data: Identify prospects seeking solutions and products like yours earlier in their buying journey.
    • Company data: Fine-tune market segmentation with demographic, firmographic, technographic, and organizational data.
    • Likely to Engage: Improve outreach results using clean, enriched contact data, including email addresses and direct phone numbers known to have high engagement.
  • Improve Efficiency

    Improve Efficiency

    • Inbound lead acceleration: Automatically identify, enrich, route, and follow-up with high-quality business leads.
    • Seamless orchestration: Run automated, data-driven plays for more effective outreach.
    • Sales and marketing alignment: Unify teams with the same data foundation. Sales and marketing can work together to attract and convert small business leads for pipeline and revenue growth.
  • Data-Driven Motions

    Data-Driven Motions

    • Find the right account: Boost outbound efforts to identify the right accounts with hundreds of available data filters.
    • Improve reachability: Focus on accounts with potential 7–8x higher answer rates with Likely to Engage.
    • Do more with less: Run effective, automated outbound campaigns built on a high-quality data foundation

ZoomInfo Lite

Free Access to the SalesOS Advantage

Transform your start-up into a scale-up with ZoomInfo Lite. This free version of our go-to-market platform connects businesses to buyers and is available to all businesses for free, with options to upgrade to unlock premium features.

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Modern Go-To-Market

The Best Platform to Bring Your Products To Market

Expand your business reach with accurate data and real-time insights. Our data and cutting-edge software helps small businesses capture customers across multiple channels and turn them into revenue.


Data Solutions Tailored for Your Business Needs

Overcome the challenges of running a small business. ZoomInfo enhances team efficiency, streamlines small business lead generation, and delivers the accurate data needed for strategic decision-making and successful outreach.


Data Quality & Accuracy

Drive overall business growth, improve lead generation, and reduce bounce rates with accurate, up-to-date data for your outreach efforts.


Flexible Integration

Seamless system integration and data standardization transforms information into better insights for a clear picture of your customers.


Automation & Time-Savings

ZoomInfo minimizes manual efforts on essential tasks, like lead scoring and routing. This reduces time spent on non-selling activities and prioritizes revenue-generating tasks.

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G2, the world’s leading business software review platform ranks ZoomInfo #1 in over 28 categories including: Buyer Intent, Market Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, and Lead Capture Software.


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